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Spedition Weskamp GmbH focus is on road transport within Germany and the neighbouring BENELUX countries as well as with France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. We are serving more than 21 destinations and provide freight space for groupage, part- and full truck loads with own vehicles and chartered hauliers. With our fleet of own trucks we can also offer carriage of coils as well as exceptional loads.

Karte LandverkehrWeskamp Transport GmbH provides in cooperation with hauliers of proven dependability, most of those affiliated to us under long-term contracts,  truck transportation between Germany and Hungary vv. as well as across all over Eastern Europe and the C.I.S. countries with groupage, part- and full truck loads. With our far reaching network of partners and agents we are able to arrange cross trades between all European countries and destinations in continental Asia (e.g. Turkmenistan or Mongolia).